What is the APA Survival Guide?

The APA Survival Guide provides you with a convenient, effective, and FUN way to learn APA style!

Inspired by the series Schoolhouse Rock, the course includes 30 lessons with 2 hours of educational – and ENTERTAINING – instruction to sharpen your APA skills. According to a 2014 national study, college students who participated in APA Survival Guide training had 3 to 5 times more change in APA knowledge as students who learned APA on their own!

  • Learn the rationale for each guideline – so APA style makes more sense!
  • Hear ‘easy-to-understand’ descriptions of each style guideline – so you know exactly what to do!
  • Watch how to configure APA style in Microsoft Word – so your papers sparkle!
  • Understand the core elements of APA citations and references – so you add credibility to your writing.
  • Self-assess your learning with fun quizzes – so you know right away if you’re getting it!



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